Maison Saadah X Live Loud Girl

We asked her, and she said YES!!! We had the chance to work with Linda Dekkers, the founder of the interior concept Live Loud Girl.

This is how the beautiful story of the Maison Saadah X Live Loud Girl Collab Collection has started and we are now, a few months later, so excited to announce that our collection is here

The Beni Ourain Collab Collection Maison Saadah X Live Loud Girl has been designed in Dubai by Live Loud Girl and hand woven in Morocco, in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, by berber women in their own homes. 

Why is this collection so special? 

Classic Beni Ourain rugs are well known and appreciated not only for their specific patterns but also for their dense weave, softness and high quality un-dyed wool. The Collab Collection Maison Saadah X Live Loud Girl brings a breath of fresh air to the home decor scene with its modern design and colours while preserving the traditional weaving techniques and the unique feeling of these iconic rugs. 

You can see more pictures of the photo shoot and read more about this collab’s story and inspiration on Live Loud Girl. ♡


Styling by Live Loud Girl | Photography by Natelee Cocks | Paint by Jotun | Location 8th Street Studio Dubai