About Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourain Rugs have originally been created by Berber people in Morocco in order to keep them warm in the harsh atmosphere of the Atlas Mountains. 

They nowadays became some of the most sought after rugs on the luxurious market, they can be found in most Home Decor magazines worldwide and are used by the top interior designers out there. One of their greatest quality is that they fit in almost all types of interior styles, from scandinavian to the eclectic interiors created by Jonathan Adler.

They are known to be soft and cosy.

They are nowadays handwoven in the exact the same way as centuries ago. All our rugs are handwoven by berber women from the mid and high Atlas Mountains on vertical wooden looms in their own homes. 

It takes about 20 days and 20 kilograms of pure wool for a medium sized rug (2x3 m) to be created.

If most Beni Ourain rugs are known to have fringes on only one side, some of them actually have them on both sides. You'll find both types of Beni Ourains in Maison Saadah's Selection.

Each rug is unique, each rug tells it's own story.