About Maison Saadah

It all started in 2014 with a magic trip to the Atlas Mountains. All those places we've seen, all those objects we've touched brought us so much happiness that the idea of bringing all this to the Middle East filled our hearts with joy.  This is how Maison Saadah (a mix of French and Arabic that means Home of Happiness) came to life. 

Our trip really inspired everything up to our logo, based on some Zellige tile decorations we saw in one of the most beautiful places in Marrakech. 

Maison Saadah brings you a selection of genuine and unique home decor crafts directly from the heart of the Atlas Mountains. Every piece is handcrafted by local artisans, whose skills are passed down from generation to generation. We then carefully handpick each item to only bring the best to our collection. 

Each product of the Maison Saadah collection has a story, and we are ready to create our own. 

We'd love to hear about you, so feel free to drop us a line at hello@maisonsaadaah.me